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We are all blessed with unique knowledge and skills that we are dying to express.  When you find how to express this wisdom, the whole world is waiting to hear it and benefit from it.  Go ahead, take the leap, go out of your comfort zone and share yourself with the world.  You never know who it might benefit.

FILE – In this Feb. 18, 2011 file photo, Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama gestures as he addresses the Mumbai University students in Mumbai, India. The Dalai Lama said Thursday, March 10, 2011, that he will give up his political role in Tibet’s government-in-exile, shifting that power to an elected representative. The Tibetan spiritual leader, speaking on the anniversary of the 1959 Tibetan uprising against Chinese control, said the time has come “to devolve my formal authority to the elected leader.” (AP Photo/Rafiq Maqbool, File)

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See the Joy in Life

What is Joy?  It’s a noun, “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness”.

But what does it mean to you?  Does it have to be “great”?  Only big life events, getting married, the birth of a child, a graduation, getting that job you’ve always wanted, buying your first house or having your first book published.

If you only feel Joy when big events occur you’re probably not getting the full dose of Joy that you deserve.  There’s so much more Joy to be had.  Many times we get so busy, stressed and are living on autopilot that we miss little things that can put a smile on our face and Joy in our heart.

Luckily, you can change that and have more Joy in your life with very little effort.  Just change your mindset and expectations.  It’s easy to start.  When you go about your day practice being present and in the moment and expect to find the Joy all around you.  Quiet all the chatter and noise in your head.  Take three slow and deep breathes. Focus on what you’re doing each moment.  Notice how your body reacting to what you’re doing and adjust your thoughts and actions to feel more relaxed.  Look around you for little things that you usually don’t notice.  You’ll be surprised by the beauty around you and by peoples acts of kindness.  You’ll see others helping each other.


How could you help someone or make them smile and feel good?  Open a door for a stranger, carry someones groceries for them.  These little gestures will put Joy in their hearts as well as yours.


Through out the day keep your eyes open, notice fresh flowers on the table, the wildflowers that grow among the weeds on the side of the road.  What do you see in the cloud formations?  Use your imagination, see the angel or the horse in the clouds?

I hope this encourages you to slow down, calm your thoughts and open your eyes to the Joy that can be found if you just look.

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Photos copyrighted by John McFadden, Permission required to use.

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How to Get Your Message Out to Others

Jack Canfield, co-writer of Chicken Soup for the Soul, always has great practical advice to getting what you want from your life.

It seems we all have some sort of message we’d like to share with others.  Here’s a great way to do that whether it be for 5 people or 500 or 5000.  The amount you charge can be anything, $25, $50, $500 or $5000 per person.  Multiply that rate by the number of attendees and you will earn a nice income in a weekend or any length of workshop.  Enjoy this lesson.

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3 Emotions – How to Find Your Purpose

No matter where you are in life humans tend to doubt and second guess their motivations and actions from time to time. They question their purpose, their reason for living, does their life mean something, are they valued.  Maybe it’s time to rethink these questions and be sure you’re living authentically.

Watch this video to learn how Ben Angel says to find your purpose using 3 key emotions.


How to Find Your Purpose

Best-selling author of CLICK, Sleeping Your Way to The Top in Business and Flee 9-5, is Australia’s leading marketing authority.

December 9, 2016Facebook LikeTwitterLinkedInEmailMore

Finding your purpose can be a long journey full of twists and turns, but that’s OK—and even recommended. You can only discover your life’s mission by exposing yourself to new experiences, and that’s what prepares you to step into your purpose.

This kind of experimentation brings people closer to their deepest desires. It’s the gradual process of exploring and shaping oneself for the next chapter of their life that makes the difference. But when the mind gets stuck, focusing heavily on the absence of purpose, embracing the process can be a challenge.


“The problem is, we get so hung up on doing just one thing for the rest of our lives, and in the process of trying to work out what that one thing is, we box ourselves in and create resistance that prevents it from appearing.”


No one was put on earth to do just one thing. That kind of lifestyle would only rob people of the experiences that create the person they are becoming. Without those challenges, no one would have the resilience to live out their true purpose in life.


“You’re already in the process of living your purpose, you’re just yet to reveal the next phase to yourself…. Subconsciously, you already know what your purpose is. You’re just too scared to claim it.”


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30 Ways on How to Stay Safe While Traveling

Traveling the world these days has become more dangerous in some areas.  As always it’s important to be aware and vigilant of everybody and everything around you.

Here’s an info-graphic and great article to help you to travel safely.  Don’t stop traveling, just be more aware now days.



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Have You Told Her You Love Her?

Parents and kids!  There’s two sides here, both with the same need.  Have you told you Mom you lover her lately?  When’s the last time you told your kids you love them?

Everyone needs to know they are loved!  It’s so easy to say.  It doesn’t have to be hard, just hug them and say it – before it’s too late!

I have things I wish I told my parents before they passed.  I have things I’d like to say to my kids and hope they hear it.  Listen to them, and tell them you love them.

Here’s a short video about telling someone you love them before it’s too late.


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5 Steps to Declutter Your Life


It’s time to declutter your life and spend more time with the grandkids you love so much.

I found this great article att

Stop Adding Stuff To Your Life, It’s Time To Declutter Your Soul Now


We live in a society that always tells us to get more.

You may be doing this unconsciously, because you’ve always been living this way and that’s your environment.

You’re buying more stuff, which you then need to take care of and fix. You make more friends, but that doesn’t mean you spend time with quality people who lift you up. You consume a lot of information daily, but most of it has nothing to do with your life and goals, and only brings you stress and worries. You add more tasks to your to-do list all the time, but most often you’re just keeping yourself busy, and still not getting the important things done.

Such life is complex. And this complexity makes us overthink, doesn’t let us fall asleep fast, makes us anxious because we are in a rush all the time and try to stay up-to-date.

It’s time to stop doing that.

Simpler is better. Less is what you need more of and it’s the power of eliminating the unnecessary that will let you find more meaning in your days and more happiness in your soul.

Here are some little changes you can make to your lifestyle today that will help you declutter:

1. Analyze how you spend your time and remove unproductive activities.

Keep track of how you spend your time over the course of a few days. Write down everything you do. Then, review these and see what doesn’t give you any results, doesn’t make you happy or help you improve in any way. It’s just pointless to keep doing it.

You may be amazed at how many unproductive things you’re doing daily, without even realizing. That’s why you’ll need to track and review this weekly, to make sure you don’t fall into that trap again.

Soon, you’ll see less events in your calendar, less tasks on your to-do list and more time for the important things.

2. Get rid of belongings you don’t use.

Now let’s move onto the belongings you have.

Be honest with yourself and say what you haven’t used in the last 6 months or so. It doesn’t really matter how precious you think it is, it only takes up space.

If you don’t take control of such possessions, you’ll end up living in the prison of your past, feeling nostalgic every time you look at these objects, and not having the chance to let go. So be ruthless. Give away stuff, sell it, and throw away the rest.

You’re better off without all that burden. Your future self will thank you for doing that, plus it’s a big step of your spiritual journey. You’ll now have more peace of mind, will feel freer than ever and ready to actually go after your goals in life.

3. Keep negativity away.

It’s time to clear your mind now. Negative thoughts don’t have any place there, especially if you want to change yourself and turn your whole life around.

Start small. Notice the negativity in your mind and soul, recognize it, observe it and try to see what causes it. You may journal your thoughts to see some occurring themes. Maybe you’re negative after communicating with someone from your surroundings, or every day after doing a certain thing, or else.

Then, you’ll simply need to remove that or stop doing it to overcome that mental habit.

After that you can start taking charge of what goes in your mind. When you see a negative thought popping up, stop, say no and replace it with a positive one instead.

4. Keep things organized.

Find a place for everything in your home and office and keep it there. When you take it, put it back there.

A simple habit like that is the foundation of your personal organization skills. It will save you a lot of time and worries, you won’t forget where things are and will see a decluttered room and desk every time you enter.

5. Stop saying yes to everything.

Our time is limited. We only have 24 hours in a day. And if we want to work on the things we believe in, but to also have time to rest, have fun and be with our loved ones, we’ll need to prioritize. Stop accepting every proposal you get, don’t start new projects every week, don’t set many goals at once and avoid working on more than one thing at a time.

All this will improve your performance and help you exceed in life, as you’ll only be working on the things that actually matter. You’ll also be happier and will prevent burnout. Adding stuff is never the answer. To get back to your path in life, to see clearly where you’re going and to start having fun and be calm again, you’ll need to remove anything that’s not essential.

Keep only what’s important to you. There’s no time for the rest.

What else can you eliminate today to declutter your soul?

It’s worth it to feel happier.

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2 Life Empowering Mantras


Mantras or quotes, or affirmations or memes can have a very power effect on your throughts and in turn the life you live.

Baby Boomer Grandpas usually re-evaluate life after retirement.  Sometimes, retirement can upset your whole mental apple cart.  We can use a little help to go where we want to go.  Our minds, thoughts, and words are key to this creatation.

Recently, I watched a re-run of a TV show I like, The Finder.  Sadly, one of the lead characters played by Michael Clarke Duncan died and the show went with him.  In the last episode the says two powerful statements that seem appropriate here.

“Reality is merely and illusion”


“We are who we think we are”

So, what is your reality and who do you  think you are?  Are they up to you?  If not, it’s in our power to change both.

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Live Life Well, Thanks, John


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9 Travel Safety Tips from a Former CIA Agent

Baby Boomer Grandpa and Grandmas, as well as most of us like to travel.  We even take our grand kids on trips with us and share the wonders of this great world.

Just because we are away from home doesn’t mean it’s time to let your safety guard down.  We still need to be aware of who is around us and what is going on near us.  That’s just one of the basic safety steps we need to always be doing.  Be Alert.

In today’s world we must be extra alert.  Spot a package lying around unattended, then report it.

That’s not to say we should stay home.  Let’s get out there and travel every chance we get!  Just stay alert and fun will be had by all.

Here are some great tips from a former CIA Agent who’s traveled to places we’d probably never think of going.  I’ve been doing a few, so it’s nice to hear that a professional agrees with me.  I especially like numbers 3, 7, 8, and 9.

9 Travel Safety Tips from a Former CIA Agent


Keep a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door, even when you’re not there.

A veteran intelligence operative on how to curb risks during a hotel stay. (Stay away from the top floor, you fools!)

Drew Dwyer, a Marine Corps veteran and former decade-long CIA operative, has traveled far and wide both domestically and internationally, and has participated in covert operations across five continents. (We would tell you more, but…you know.) Having stayed in hundreds of hotels, Dwyer shared his hotel safety check-in tips on, which we’ve distilled below. Needless to say, bed bugs were the least of his concerns.

1. Acquire or make a copy of the fire escape plan on the back of your door. Most of these just slide out.

2. Do not stay on the ground or the top floor. The ground floor is readily accessible to intruders and the top floor does not allow any room to maneuver.

3. Keep the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door, even when you are not there.

4. Always assume the room is bugged. Keep the radio or TV turned on with the volume on low at all times—even when you are not in the room.

5. Keep the drapes/blinds pulled at all times, even when unoccupied.

6. Keep a light on in the room when unoccupied.

7. Keep a small “bug-out bag” packed with must-have items (money, ID, passport, etc.) in the event of an emergency departure.

8. Carry a motion alarm that can be placed over the doorknob. They are about $20 and can be found in most electronics stores.

9. Keep a flashlight next to the bed and within arm’s reach.

Irrespective of this list, it pays to note that hotels are becoming safer by the minute. And while we won’t be adhering to all of these tips anytime soon, there is something to be said for minimizing your risk as a traveler—and these suggestions can certainly help do that. Sometimes, after all, it pays to be James Bond.

Original post is at

Hope you enjoyed this article, Happy Travels, thanks, John

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11 Tips for Sleeping Well on a Plane

Don’t know about you but I don’t sleep well on an airplane, even on a long flight.

Conde Nast Traveler has some good time to help you rest.


Use these tips to catch some essential shut-eye.

A clinical sleep educator shares the best tips in her arsenal for successful in-flight snoozing.

It is the bane of travelers getting on a plane for both business and pleasure—difficulty falling asleep in a seat, especially in coach, and the attendant horrors of jet lag after landing. Studies have shown that lack of sleep can decrease brain performance by 20 percent, so it’s crucial to anyone crossing time zones to rest as much as possible during the flight. Washington, D.C.–based clinical sleep educator and RN Terry Cralle shared her tips for powering down (and getting at least a power nap) on a flight.

  1. Plan ahead. “Planning ahead, though it sounds simple, can be much harder in practice. However, it can make a huge difference in your ability to sleep well before a flight and on it,” says Cralle. If you take the time to do things like pack, plan your transportation to the airport, and organize the things that need to happen at home while you’re away in the days leading up to a flight—not the night before—you will not be nearly as stressed-out, and sleep will come more easily.
  2. Meditate. “Recently, guided-meditation audio apps have been gaining a lot of popularity, and rightly so,” says Cralle. “It has been shown that these gentle talks help the brain to relax quickly, especially so when the listener is prompted to imagine they are using all of their senses. Say, if you are guided to a beach-side scene where you imagine hearing the waves, watching the sky, and smelling flowers and the salt air, it really helps you to disengage and fall asleep.”
  3. Pack lavender oil. “I’m a big fan of lavender oil, it’s so calming, and is a great, simple thing to bring along on a trip,” says Cralle. “A small study was recently done that shows that people who inhaled 100 percent lavender oil before and during sleep had decreased blood pressure and deeper sleep patterns than those who didn’t.” Put a few drops onto your travel pillow, apply it to your temples and wrists once you’ve settled into your seat, and prepare to dream.
  4. Ignore in-flight entertainment. No matter how much you want to see the latest blockbuster, Cralle says, “Skip the movies and TV—the end result of staring at a screen during much your flight means that light is hitting your retinas, and telling your brain and body that it’s daytime, and sleep will be much tougher to achieve.”
  5. Make to-do lists. To train your brain not to race and worry when it’s time for rest, Cralle recommends a simple daily practice. “Write down your to-do list well before bed. You want to get any obligations and important tasks out of your mind and onto paper during the day so that the mind is clear at bedtime.”
  6. Bring something comforting. To get great shut-eye on a plane, Cralle says, “You want the environment to be as comfortable and predictable as possible. If you have a travel pillow you love, always pack it when traveling. Its scent and familiarity will give your brain and body a behavioral cue that it’s time to relax and let go.” The same effect can be achieved by a cozy scarf or sweater.
  7. Cover your eyes. “Wear a good-quality eye mask on your flight,” says Cralle. “There are many different models, so even if you think you hate them, if you shop around you’ll likely find one that’s comfortable for you. That little bit of light from a fellow passenger’s iPad two rows up can ruin your ability to fall asleep. The blue light from modern devices is very alerting to the brain, and absolute darkness prompts your body to produce melatonin.”
  8. Step away from the Scotch. While a relaxing adult beverage may be tempting, Cralle advises, “Avoid alcohol. Having a drink in an airport lounge or on the plane is a reflex for many people, especially those who have anxiety around flying. However, it really messes with the quality of your sleep, so, close to bedtime, be conscious about drinking booze and caffeine, of course. Hydrate as much as possible.”
  9. Decrease the decibels. “Though you’ve likely heard this before, earplugs are very important to have for your flight and your hotel stay while you’re traveling,” Cralle explains. “Make sure to pack them in your carry-on, and, again, try different brands and designs until you find the ones that feel good to you.” There is so much ambient noise on a jet—which is something airlines are working on muffling now—that you truly need to block out that sound, as well as screaming babies and unnecessary alerts from the cockpit.
  10. Incorporate cardio. “The relationship between exercise and sleep is very exciting—we are finding that the connection between the two is bi-directional; i.e., if you get enough of one, the other comes much more easily to you,” says Cralle. “The reality is that 40 percent of Americans are sleep-deficient. If you work to add an extra hour of sleep at night, you’ll be much more apt to exercise, and, when you do—especially before a flight—you will be able to doze off much more easily.”
  11. Bank sleep. If in-flight snoozing is simply not an option, due to your utter inability to rest on a plane or because you simply must work while traveling, Cralle points out that a little bit of prep work can help you stave off jet lag. “You actually can bank sleep,” says Cralle. “Prioritize your sleep before a flight, and spend a little extra time sleeping or napping in the week before you depart. Lack of sleep really effects your immune system—and the last thing you want on an important business trip or a long-awaited vacation is to get sick. Banking sleep beforehand will also mitigate the bad effects of jet lag.”
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