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60’sh – Is Life Over?

  How are you going to spend your days?  Golf?  Fishing? Gardening?  Working on your hobbies. Now is the chance for a new beginning! Those activities are going to fill your time only for so long.  What are you going … Continue reading

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Share Your Wisdom with the World

We are all blessed with unique knowledge and skills that we are dying to express.  When you find how to express this wisdom, the whole world is waiting to hear it and benefit from it.  Go ahead, take the leap, … Continue reading

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See the Joy in Life

What is Joy?  It’s a noun, “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness”. But what does it mean to you?  Does it have to be “great”?  Only big life events, getting married, the birth of a child, a graduation, getting … Continue reading

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How to Get Your Message Out to Others

Jack Canfield, co-writer of Chicken Soup for the Soul, always has great practical advice to getting what you want from your life. It seems we all have some sort of message we’d like to share with others.  Here’s a great … Continue reading

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3 Emotions – How to Find Your Purpose

No matter where you are in life humans tend to doubt and second guess their motivations and actions from time to time. They question their purpose, their reason for living, does their life mean something, are they valued.  Maybe it’s … Continue reading

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30 Ways on How to Stay Safe While Traveling

Traveling the world these days has become more dangerous in some areas.  As always it’s important to be aware and vigilant of everybody and everything around you. Here’s an info-graphic and great article to help you to travel safely.  Don’t … Continue reading

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Have You Told Her You Love Her?

Parents and kids!  There’s two sides here, both with the same need.  Have you told you Mom you lover her lately?  When’s the last time you told your kids you love them? Everyone needs to know they are loved!  It’s … Continue reading

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5 Steps to Declutter Your Life

It’s time to declutter your life and spend more time with the grandkids you love so much. I found this great article att Stop Adding Stuff To Your Life, It’s Time To Declutter Your Soul Now by Patrick Banks … Continue reading

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2 Life Empowering Mantras

Mantras or quotes, or affirmations or memes can have a very power effect on your throughts and in turn the life you live. Baby Boomer Grandpas usually re-evaluate life after retirement.  Sometimes, retirement can upset your whole mental apple cart. … Continue reading

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9 Travel Safety Tips from a Former CIA Agent

Baby Boomer Grandpa and Grandmas, as well as most of us like to travel.  We even take our grand kids on trips with us and share the wonders of this great world. Just because we are away from home doesn’t … Continue reading

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