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Boomers Get Ready for a Happy Retirement

As we get ready to retire, and spend for time with our kids and grands kids, and to travel, there are lots of factors to consider.  Allstate has a good blog to refer to from time to time.  Here’s a … Continue reading

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No, You Can’t Have My Zip Code!

Court rules your Zip Code is considered “personal identification information” As a Boomer, now Grandpa, I  don’t want to give out any more personal identification information than I have to.  I want my privacy, I don’t want advertisers knowing where … Continue reading

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Are You The Best You?

Are you being the best you can be? Are you being the best Boomer? The best Boomer Grandpa? Stand up and be your best right now. “Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.” —Ralph … Continue reading

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New blog for Baby Boomer Grandpas and Grandmas

The other day I woke up and realized I currently have 7 grand kids! Wow, when did that happen? Was I too busy working to notice or what. The “what” is I am truly blessed to be a Boomer Grandpa. … Continue reading

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Wild Grape Bistro

With an approaching storm in the air, it was time from a great meal down in Salt Lake City at the Wild Grape Bistro. On their website they say, “You may know local restaurateur, Troy Greenhawt from Flemings Prime Steakhouse … Continue reading

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What are you worth in this economy?

The answer is simple. It’s up to you! “Our self-worth and identity are not determined by mysterious, outside forces. They are determined by our own powerful self-talk.” Now, more than ever, it’s important to be your own best friend and … Continue reading

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