2 Life Empowering Mantras


Mantras or quotes, or affirmations or memes can have a very power effect on your throughts and in turn the life you live.

Baby Boomer Grandpas usually re-evaluate life after retirement.  Sometimes, retirement can upset your whole mental apple cart.  We can use a little help to go where we want to go.  Our minds, thoughts, and words are key to this creatation.

Recently, I watched a re-run of a TV show I like, The Finder.  Sadly, one of the lead characters played by Michael Clarke Duncan died and the show went with him.  In the last episode the says two powerful statements that seem appropriate here.

“Reality is merely and illusion”


“We are who we think we are”

So, what is your reality and who do you  think you are?  Are they up to you?  If not, it’s in our power to change both.

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