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9 Travel Safety Tips from a Former CIA Agent

Baby Boomer Grandpa and Grandmas, as well as most of us like to travel.  We even take our grand kids on trips with us and share the wonders of this great world. Just because we are away from home doesn’t … Continue reading

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21 Tiny Hotel Rooms

You’ve probably heard about the Tiny House craze currently building, hope about Tiny Hotel rooms? Check out Oyster.com’s story… You Won’t Believe How Tiny These 21 Hotel Rooms Are Mar 31, 2016 by Lilly LeClair Go! Anyone who has lived … Continue reading

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5 Travel Trends for 2016

Being a Baby Boomer with more free time now, travel is one of my priorities.  I found these interesting trends for 2016 on Smartertravel.com . My advice is to ask questions and know what you’re buying and paying for. Happy … Continue reading

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Fun Manifesting

    All of use desire to improve our lives and manifest new circumstances, people, things, etc.  Often, those teaching us “how” make it sound so serious and even hard.  Well, it doesn’t have to be.  Here, Christie Marie Sheldon … Continue reading

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How travel makes you smarter, sexier and more productive

Sometime I find an article that is good or fun enough to be posted here. I found this one on Lonely Planet blog. Get your travel bag packed soon. Here it is, hope you enjoy it: How travel makes you … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to our new blog.  We will start posting soon. Here you’ll find inspiration, encouragement, techniques and tools to help you discover your skills, talents, passion and your special Spirit inside you. Whether you need help with your own business, … Continue reading

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